Saturday, October 6, 2007

What is art?

... art is not just about making things or slapping pigment on canvas; it's also a way of thinking and seeing. Mia Fineman, curator, from her article in SLATE.

The art exhibited at art6 this month is clear evidence of her statement. Every canvass, each three-dimensional installation is a joy to study, to absorb.

These six artists: Jorge Benitez, Federico Chiriboga, Javier Tapia, Diego Sanchez, Nora Pozzi and Max Soler, have captured the essence of their Hispanic roots and bring you into their world of wonder.

This exhibit runs only from October 5- October 21. We are open Thursday-Sunday from 12-4, or by appointment. This is art you will want to take home.

art6 Downtown- anywhere in the world

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