Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saturday Night Music at art6

Prepare yourself to be entertained!

Kevin Lamb and friends will be playing at art6 from 7-10pm Saturday night.

$3 admission

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Buy This Art!

Seriously, these photographs are by award-winning artist Thomas Daniel and they are priced to sell- it's hard to believe they haven't been snapped up!! From his book The Southern Cause, every Richmonder who has this city in their blood should own one!

Local artist, local publisher, local gallery!!

Come down tonight, Friday September 19th at 9pm and dance to Rattlemouth and Balkanize and pick out your favorite photo and buy-

also check out the wonderful work by Margaret Porter Daniel in the small gallery!

art6- support your local artists- downtown

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do you wanna dance?

*with Balkanize
Friday, September 18th

doors open at 8pm, music starts at 9
dance til ya drop@!!
cash bar

art6- come enjoy, come dance, downtown!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

art6 on the weekend, downtown

The gallery is open from 12-4pm Thursday thru Sunday.

It's a perfect time to come and enjoy the art without the crowds of First Friday.

You can sit at the table in the small downstairs gallery and cut out an outfit for one of the paper dolls in Margaret Porter Daniel's collection. Her delightful framed prints are available for sale and would make a lovely addition to your original collection of art from local artists.

I plan to purchase at least one for my daughter, who sews costumes, for a present. (I hope she doesn't read this blog!)

Come downtown for lunch or supper, stop by the gallery and enjoy the art upstairs and down at your leisure!

art6- Not just for First Friday, but a reason to come downtown all month!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

art6 on the walls

During the month of September, art6 hosts exhibits about, reenactors, redressing images, and relearning life through art. The gallery and shop are open 12-4pm Thursday-Sunday and during performance events (go to for full information)

Photographs in the main gallery are taken from:

from the publisher:

In this powerful collection of over one hundred images and testimonies, award-winning photographer Thomas Daniel has documented the world of Civil War reenactors—men, women and children who recreate and relive one of the most turbulent and tragic periods in American history. These images capture the reenactors’ genuine passion to educate, to celebrate and honor the past, and in some cases, to trace their own ancestry. They capture the fanatical devotion of some to the Southern cause, and what it means to be a son or daughter of the South. Their stories also allow us to more fully understand the complexities of this remarkable group and its often misunderstood and controversial flag.
This is a journey to a world few of us know, where the battles of Antietam, Gettysburg, and Harpers Ferry still live, where Confederate and Union soldiers skirmish, and reenactors labor to duplicate historical truth down to the smallest recorded detail. Their dedication to honest and genuine portrayal is clearly evident in these photographs, in their stories, and in their willingness to bear the discomforts of cold, rain, and mud to live the truth of those who died on the battlefields.

Over recent years, Daniel has traveled the South to interview and photograph this society of reenactors—Northerners, Southerners, Native Americans, and African Americans who share their own individual motives for creating this living history. As Daniel himself writes in the introduction, this book is not to recreate the battles, the reasons for the war, or to argue who won or lost, but to capture all the myriad reasons why men and women dress and live the part of confederate and union soldiers. Their reasons are as candid and diverse as the men and women who live the life of reenactors. The photographs that follow, however, are the most memorable. They alone tell revealing, unforgettable stories.

This book is available at shop6 in the gallery throughout the month. . Price: $45.00

About the Artist

Thomas A. Daniel, born in 1948 in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a son of the South. A veteran of the Viet Nam War, he began his photographic career in South Viet Nam. He went on to receive his BFA in communications, art and design from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), his MA in photography from Goddard College, and his MFA in photo/film from VCU. He later returned to VCU as a Distinguished Visiting Artist in Photography.
Mr. Daniel’s first photographs were of war and are in the permanent collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and in the publication of war photographs titled, The Indelible Image; Photographs of war-1846 to the Present. Two monographs, titled Thomas Daniel and Into My Eyes, present Mr. Daniel’s extensive black-and-white documentary. Other permanent collections include the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, Virginia) and the William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut (Storrs, Connecticut). VCU’s Anderson Gallery holds the largest collection of his work. A four-time winner of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, Mr. Daniel’s work has been shown in over 200 exhibits throughout the United States and abroad. One of his favorite exhibits, Anderson Gallery’s show, The Bad Boys of Photography, puts Mr. Daniel in the company of photography greats Danny Lyon, Bruce Davidson, Manuel Alverez Bravo, and Aaron Siskind.
Considered an “underground legend,” Mr. Daniel’s photographs are both a compassionate and unflinching look at society’s fringe cultures from the enobling and beautiful to abject and tragic. In Remarkable Modernisms, John Yau, poet and art critic, states that Daniel’s work “uses the camera to explore his own tenderness…not to delineate separation.” He is labeled a “New Critical piety” in Yau’s essays.

For more information about The Southern Cause, visit

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Thursday pre-opening at art6 TONIGHT!

Want a preview of our September exhibits and a extra special opening? Want to avoid the parking problems and potential rain?

Opening Thursday, Sept. 4 through Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008

In conjunction with National Recovery Month, the Central Virginia chapter of SAARA (Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance) presents "Real People, Real Recovery", a juried art show taking place in the art6 Skylight Gallery, with two openings on Sept. 4 and Sept. 19.

This exhibition will feature art reflecting on recovery from addictions and will demonstrate the amazing power of the creative spirit to foster freedom from addiction. Open to all Virginia artists, professional and nonprofessional, in recovery or not. Reception and presentation tonight.

art6 downtown- more than most going on, all the time!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Friday Feature

Thomas Daniel: The Southern Cause

Opening Friday, Sept. 5 through Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008
In this powerful collection of images and testimonies, award-winning photographer Thomas Daniel has documented the world of Civil War reenactors—men, women, and children who recreate and relive one of the most turbulent and tragic periods in American history. These images capture the reenactors' genuine passion to educate, to celebrate and honor the past, and in some cases, to trace their own ancestry.art6 is hosting the release of Thomas Daniel's latest book The Southern Cause: For the Love of Dixie.
Mr. Daniel will be at the gallery for a book-signing during opening night. First Friday will also feature music by The Slack Brothers Bluegrass Band from 7:30-9 as well as a special presentation by Civil War reenactors at 7:15.
For more on this exciting exhibit, check out THIS article in Style Weekly.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

art, non-profits, and work

I read this by Bruce Miller and wanted to highlight it: (scroll to Sept. 1st on his blog to read the full entry)

We who work in or care about the nonprofit arts sector need to make sure that we also get in the game. We need to remember that Labor Day not only marks the closing of our neighborhood pools, plus the beginning of the Virginia public school year and the NFL and NCAA football seasons. Labor Day is our chance to remind all Virginians that the nonprofit arts sector and its 18,851 jobs represent an irreplaceable force in the state economy. The arts are not a frill or a nicety. We are a cornerstone industry, crucial to the Commonwealth and its financial well-being.

We don't have any employees at art6, our workforce consists of thirty-plus members, volunteers, and interns. Every month we mount two to three exhibits, attend many committee meetings, apply for grants, send out publicity, paint and patch walls, and much, much more.

Some of us are lucky- we have employment in the arts and teaching the arts, but most of us have regular 'day jobs' in the public sector. Our efforts in the gallery take up our spare time, our extra time, time we take away from making our own art - but it's a labor of love.

Support our efforts- donate to art6. Support the arts in Virginia, in Richmond.

art6 Downtown, where we want to be!

First Friday Features

Margaret Porter-Daniel: Paper Dolls First Friday opening in the small gallery 6-10pm

Sept. 5 through Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008 Margaret Porter-Daniel combines engraving, silkscreen, litho crayon, wallpaper, and other materials to present a new perspective on the the Battle of Gettysburg.
This is an exquisite exhibit drawn from the era of the Civil War, executed with the considerable skill Porter-Daniel brings to the project. Using the medium of paper dolls, she takes history and brings a playful aspect to a very serious time.
In addition, the work is interactive! Look for the opportunity to dress a doll yourself, with her wonderful outfits.
This work is available for purchasing.