Tuesday, September 2, 2008

art, non-profits, and work

I read this by Bruce Miller and wanted to highlight it: (scroll to Sept. 1st on his blog to read the full entry)

We who work in or care about the nonprofit arts sector need to make sure that we also get in the game. We need to remember that Labor Day not only marks the closing of our neighborhood pools, plus the beginning of the Virginia public school year and the NFL and NCAA football seasons. Labor Day is our chance to remind all Virginians that the nonprofit arts sector and its 18,851 jobs represent an irreplaceable force in the state economy. The arts are not a frill or a nicety. We are a cornerstone industry, crucial to the Commonwealth and its financial well-being.

We don't have any employees at art6, our workforce consists of thirty-plus members, volunteers, and interns. Every month we mount two to three exhibits, attend many committee meetings, apply for grants, send out publicity, paint and patch walls, and much, much more.

Some of us are lucky- we have employment in the arts and teaching the arts, but most of us have regular 'day jobs' in the public sector. Our efforts in the gallery take up our spare time, our extra time, time we take away from making our own art - but it's a labor of love.

Support our efforts- donate to art6. Support the arts in Virginia, in Richmond.

art6 Downtown, where we want to be!

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