Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goings on at the gallery this week: art6

Sunday June 21st- Bend Your Ear- 3-5pm Artists & Writers share work in open salon.

Thursday June 25th- Thursday Laughs 8pm $5 Cash bar Comedy for Grown-ups

Friday June 26th- 9th Pinkney Near Memorial Lecture in Art History at art6. 8pm $5 Introduced by well-known Richmond artist Mitzi Humphrey, come hear Richard Bergen Woodward, Curator of African Art, VMFA, 1977 to present, in a talk correlating with the gallery's Juneteenth exhibition. This series honors the memory of Pinkney Near, first Chief Curator of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (our country's first state-supported art museum).

For more info:

art6 Downtown, and always busy-

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wall space available for exhibit- no commission

Wall space upstairs available for 6 weeks beginning July 2nd for the First Friday opening (work must be up by this date and removed on or before August 16).
Art 6 Gallery
6 East Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219.

There is an additional First Friday opening on August 7th for this exhibit. We will publish information about your show(s) on our webpage and in other appropriate media, there is no mailing for this exhibit.

$100 flat fee for 30 ft of wall space, 18 ft tall (approx. 600 sq. ft. available per wall). 3 spaces available. Flat rental fee of $100 per wall, no commission to the gallery, all money made on art sold by the artist goes to the artist. Fee must be paid prior to hanging and is non-refundable after the art is hung.

While there will be no formal review, the gallery reserves the right to refuse any work deemed inappropriate to a gallery open to the general public.

For more information or to set up an appointment for review email shannp (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a message at the gallery Phone: (804) 343-1406

Friday, June 5, 2009

First Friday Art6! First Friday Art6!

Come see our Juneteenth exhibit! Come hear the great music by Soul Fire Recording artists! Come enjoy our cash bar! Come purchase amazing art!

If everyone who came in the door gave us $1, we could maintain the high quality of local and international art we show each month! Please bring a buck for art6!

6 East Broad, just up from Jefferson Pawn, open 6-10pm for First Friday
regular hours 12-4pm Thursday through Sunday

Downtown, with downtown sensibilities- art6!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

art6 Junteenth Exhibit opens First Friday

Juneteenth: A Sankofa Celebration of African Freedom!

Opening Friday, June 5 through Sunday, June 28, 2009

This exhibition features paintings, photography, mixed media, sculpture and furniture by international and local artists E-yage, Keith Ramsey, Earle Taylor, Stanley Rayfield, Devon Lawrence, Vreni Michelini, William Miles, Kyle Epps, Julian Green, Devin Fallen, Bolaji Oyrgunie, Helen Butler, Joe Williams, Gene Toutsi, Janine Turner and David Turner.

Artist's statement:
The Akan proverb states "Se wo were fi na wosan kofa a, yenkyi." The term Sankofa comes from the words "san" (return), "ko" (go), and "fa" (look, seek, and take.) The image of the mythological bird with its head bent looking backward has been interpreted and re-interpreted in several different ways. At times, it can symbolize the chief who can see all, even things behind him. It has also been used as a symbol for the Akan idea that the past can help to guide the future or the thought that, if a mistake has been made or something is forgotten, the wrong can be righted and that one can learn from experience.

Come downtown! Celebrate!