Friday, October 19, 2007

THINK SMALL 4 is around the corner!

THINK SMALL 4 is's right around the corner. We've gotten in almost a hundred pieces with many more to come, all amazing in so many different ways. This is a must-see show!

Now you can come First Friday- sure, with the other 4,000 folks out there on the street OR

You can come to the ticketed pre-opening reception and help us with our fundraising efforts to support the gallery during the next year.

Sure, tickets are $25 ($30 at the door) but wait, don't write that check yet- for a measly twenty-five smackers you get 1) top-notch entertainment for eighth blackbird throughout the evening, gourmet platters of fabulous finger food from some of Richmond's finest restaurants, one free drink at both art6 and Artspace, a shuttle bus running constantly between the two galleries (park once, see both galleries), the chance to rub shoulders with Richmond's most discerning art crowd, AND FIRST LOOK AT THE HUNDREDS OF 3x3 pieces that will be exhibited for the show.

This is the night all the really cool stuff sells, you know- instead waiting for First Friday so you can be jostled past your favorite piece by some three-piece ugly suit with his checkbook already out and his big head blocking your view of that piece that would complete your (insert local artist's name here) collection, come Thursday for the real view.

And support art 6 and Artspace by buying a $25 ticket and a piece of art!!

art 6 - where THINK SMALL really means THINK BIG downtown!

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Two Identities said...

The excitement is building for ThinkSmall 4! Can't wait to see/hear all the little art at the gala preview and again on First Friday.