Saturday, February 27, 2010

Responding to eliminating the Virginia Commission for the Arts

Check this out: blog
I posted a response (not showing yet)- go read- he makes sense.

You can walk into art6 for FREE. You can attend most events for a nominal donation (sometimes less than $5). We hold classes and lectures, poetry readings and dance recitals. We have juried shows for high school students and much more.

The state has already cut grants, now they want to eliminate the agency that helps most of us survive.

Thanks to the generosity of our landlord during these tough times, we will remain open...for now. Thanks to  generous donations from art lovers LIKE YOU- we will remain open...for now.

Write your local representatives, write a check to art6.

Come down First Friday and support all your local galleries! We're open from 6-10.

art6- hanging art and hanging on because we have to!

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