Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Art 6 opening January 4th from 6-10 pm
Gallery talk by artist Gayle Stott Lowry at 6pm
Cash bar, live music, and new work for sale in the shop!
Ms. Lowry's show, entitled "Endurance," and composed of large oil paintings, will be in the main gallery, and Ms. William's show, entitled "Oils and Small Water Colors," will occupy the small gallery. The paintings that compose "Endurance" are large landscapes that focus on the theme of loss. The paintings were inspired by the austere northwest coastal regions of Scotland, which Ms. Lowry sketched during a visit to her ancestral land. In her artist's statement, she notes that 'the expansive views of earth, water and air depicted in these large-scale paintings serve as metaphors for the forces that bear down upon us as we journey through life." She states that her works acknowledge "the reality of our fear, grief and death, while paradoxically nurturing hope."
The paintings by Ms. Williams celebrate "the nature of color and gesture." A relatively new member of the Gallery, Ms. Williams says of her work:"Painting requires the distillation of experience through feeling and form. Using different media, I have become more and more involved with the mystical power of color, regardless of the scale of the painting, and with the ability of color to transcend the particular."
Art6 Downtown- Bundle up and come on!

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