Saturday, August 11, 2007

Downtown Arts

Revitalizing Richmond from the Sidewalk Up-

First Friday is one of the most important art events in Richmond. Of course, there are others, at the Virginia Museum, along the Main Street corridor, the Plant Zero and the Manchester district, but the Downtown scene is clearly enhanced by what happens every single month on Broad Street in the heart of the city.

Next door to a boarded up building, visible wooden surfaces tagged and postered, you'll find a front door to creative talent. There might be wine, cheese, music and performing arts, no money out of your pocket (if you choose) and a few hours downtown to walk safe city streets.

Charette away, that's a good thing and brings attention to things we all need- but, hey! We're here, we've been here all along. Every First Friday and during the week (check out individual gallery blogs and websites for when). Art 6 hours are noon to 4pm (or by appointment) Thursday through Sunday.

I've heard talk about artists being given permission to display works in the windows of closed and unused spaces- I'm really looking forward to that.

We're your neighbors, your family, your friends- we're artists! Come, look, buy!

Keep Downtown vital! (and if you don't believe it's happening- try getting a reservation in a decent downtown restaurant on First Friday)

art 6 Downtown-
not just beauty parlors and pawn shops- ART!

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